Medieval Rings

les Enluminures



From Pearls to Platinum to Plastic

Whether it is made of natural miracles or marvels of human invention and skill, jewelry has adorned the human body since prehistoric times. The Newark Museum has been collecting jewelry since 1911, and has one of the most comprehensive holdings in the country.


Sicily: culture and conquest

During the early Byzantine period, just like today, a ring was the object most closely associated with the marriage ritual. This Byzantine wedding ring from Agrigento, Sicily was made in the 7th century AD. Exhibited now at the British Museum.


Rings Around the World

This Les Enluminures exhibition will open in London in November and travel to New York through December. It explores the eternal forms, inspirations, and aesthetics of finger rings across many cultures throughout history, with over forty rings deriving from China, the Middle East, Europe, and America.