Byzantium and the West: Jewelry
in the First Millennium
Small and precious, rings and other jewels travelled easily as personal belongings and as gifts, and testify exchanges between different cultures, here Byzantium and the West. Sandra Hindman guides us trough the exhibition and presents a selection of objects made of precious metals such as rings, pendants and earrings.

Gold pectoral cross
Sandra Hindman presents the star of the "Byzantium and the West" exhibition, a gold pectoral cross on chain. Only three crosses with finely embossed figural decoration of very similar manufacture and probably from the same workshop are known.

Renaissance Rings and Gloves
Sandra Hindman has teamed up with a Parisian glove-maker to present bespoke slashed gloves, inspired by Renaissance fashion.

Late Roman Key-Ring, "Homonoea"
Roman Empire, late 3rd-early 4th- century
Reference no. 252

Renaissance Posy Ring “God decreed and we agreed” and other Posy Rings
England, 17th century
Reference no. 388

Renaissance Signet Ring "Talbot"
England, 15th century
Reference no. 354

Medieval Stirrup Ring
England, 13th-14th century
gold and sapphire
Reference no. 448