Medieval Rings

les Enluminures

New York Fashion Week

April 2017

Rings are a perfect marriage of art and fashion, and were made to be worn. This is true from ancient Egypt to Renaissance Europe, but as displayed in glass cases with perfect lighting, this fact is easy to forget. At Les Enluminures we encourage our clients not only to collect but also to wear their treasures when possible. Wearing an ancient or medieval ring is more than a fashion statement – it is an opportunity to connect with the past. What better time to illustrate this point than during New York Fashion Week in February. We were delighted when VOZ, a leading ethical fashion company, invited us to collaborate on the launch of their Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, “Future Renaissance.” The rings we exhibited, dating from the fifth to twentieth centuries, highlight the intelligence, beauty, and creativity that inspired the collection. Alongside VOZ’s beautifully handcrafted garments, the timelessness of our rings and the desirability of their continued use is easy to see.

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